Oil Paintings

My abstract work is partly meditative, partly manipulative. For me, working on these images is an exercise in active meditative trance; the act of putting down so many strokes of paint in a repetitive way while being aware of how the colors are merging into one another offers me solace. For you, it's an attempt to speak to your subconscious. What do the shapes say to you? Do the colors and their movement remind you of anything in particular? In a way, it's like looking at clouds and seeing shapes within. This, to me, is your subconscious being gently led out of it's cave. It pulls you out of yourself.

The technique harks back to my egg tempera days, when I overlapped multiple layers of color in tiny cross-hatched strokes. It's bigger now, and much bolder in color, but the soothing routine of painting this way remains the same for me.