Artist's Statement

     Many people lose their sense of place in the natural world. They get lost in the mire of everyday life, the demands and distractions thrust upon them by the constructs of civilization.

     My representational paintings offer an alternative to that. They offer wonder, malevolence, serenity, and delight in the face of nature. By painting skies with an emotional subtext, by altering the color, the cadence, or the formation of clouds and land, by pointing out that people aren't even necessary to have beauty, I ask people to think about what they often take for granted, to really look at it. I extend to them a compelling place to stand and be still.

     While my representational paintings are in pursuit of capturing a significant moment in time, the abstract work is an attempt to encapsulate the passage of time. The sheer number of visible marks readily depict that time commitment, and color combinations draw the viewer in closer. The intent is to envelop the viewer and encourage them to linger and ruminate on time's relativity to oneself.

       J. Moon